By Nina Raine, Directed by Kate Coogan

Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool - October 2019

Raine's contemporary piece of theatre is a play of fierce moral intelligence. Two friends, Ed and Tim, are lawyers opposing each other on a rape case, the story follows them in and out of the courtroom as the drama soon spills out into their own marriages when Ed's wife accuses him of rape. The play is a roller coaster of emotions, thought provoking, tense and humorous. Raine leaves us questioning, what is consent, how can we define it? Who will defend those who truly need defending?

"Consent is a challenging, emotionally intense and thought-provoking play with a superb cast. If you can catch it at the Hope Street Theatre this week, I would highly recommend you do" - North West End

"The handling of Consent was done in an extremely sensitive manner in the play. The narrative of the story was very raw and realistically portrayed by the very talented cast." - Reviewer Number Nine

A note from the Director

"I have absolutely loved working with Roots Theatre on this beautiful play by Nina Raine. Rehearsals have taken us through Constitutional law, adultery, determinism and existentialism via Christmas crackers, biscuits and logic. It's been a whirlwind. I hope you enjoy" - Kate Coogan

Cast and Creative Team

Kaitlin Michaels as Gayle/Laura

Paul Dorsey as Ed

Joe Pass as Jake

Eve Shotton as Rachel

Brianna Douglas as Zara

Bex Culshaw as Kitty

Tom Sturgess as Tim

Director: Kate Coogan
Producer: Rachel Westhead
Lighting Design: Sarah Shaw
Set/Costume Design: Chloe Buck
Stage Manager: Alice Winter
Marketing: Lucy Clarke
Graphic Design: Martha Hegarty
Photographer: Richard Garland

Production Shots


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