"This three-hander requires opinionated, sexually aware women and this is what we got from the individually stunning performances of the three women. Rose (Olivia Hackland) opens the show and from her first sentence both engages and enchants as a Home Counties floundering fresher-student at an unnamed university somewhere 'up north'. Her engagement with northern feminist Viv (Grace Galloway) is funny and revealing. Liverpool born Galloway brings realism and a mature performance to a demanding role that sees her character, Viv, change the most of the three. Once Di (Bex Culshaw) appears we know we've got a story. Di is for me both the strongest and the most sensitive and Culshaw captures her complex character beautifully. Where Rose is the glue, Di is the anchor for the group and the three girls' friendship is most poignant when Di's foundation is rocked as she faces more than her share of harsh reality. There is a lovely on-stage rapport between each of the cast members." – Barbara Sherlock

"Kate Coogan's direction is great. The decision to put the play in the round works well to show how the characters feel trapped in their situations of injustice. Consent is a challenging, emotionally intense and thought-provoking play with a superb cast. If you can catch it at the Hope Street Theatre this week, I would highly recommend you do." - Jacob Bush

"The subject matter in Consent was sometimes difficult to watch, but needed to be observed and bring awareness to the audience. The handling of Consent was done in an extremely sensitive manner in the play. The narrative of the story was very raw and realistically portrayed by the very talented cast. Consent is well worth going to see as it deals with the subject matter with sensitivity, empathy and realism. The play did a great job raising awareness of consent and had the audience thinking what their opinions of the issue were. Consent was very thought provoking and powerful to watch, which demonstrated the harsh realities of being in a relationship and the difficulties they face." - Reviewer Number Nine


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